Meet Olivia!!!

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Who is Olivia??

She is the woman who makes it all possible! Olivia is our nanny – she’s part of our family. She’s been part of the family for four years now! (It’s crazy – she keeps coming back every day!) Without her, my business would not be possible – she loves our children as much as we do – she is with them all the time – they think everyone has “an Olivia” and shake their heads in disbelief when they hear that other kids don’t have “an Olivia.”

So one big huge public THANK YOU to our favoritest (is that a word) Nanny in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Isn’t she gorgeous! (And she lets me practice all my new ideas on her – even though she rolls her eyes at me and thinks I’m nuts)

This look is the popular “Aqua Locks” that is now available the end of

every senior photo session in our studio!

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