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Lab Error = AWESOME Savings!

This Christmas season was super-busy! The lab made a few errors and here’s how you can benefit!!!

So many of you ordered gift certificates (a great idea, by the way!)…. and the lab printed one extra gift certificate which I just found (hey, when your desk is piled a mile high – it’s a feat to even find a pen, let alone a gift certificate that was lost in the shuffle!)

Here is the gift certificate (yours will be w/o the text that says to call now)…

It’s a $200 gift certificate – the first person to call me and ask for the BLOG GIFT CERTIFICATE will get this for $100. For those of you who weren’t math majors,

this is a

$100 savings!

I’ll remove this post on the blog as soon as the first person calls to purchase it.

Call Soon – This Will Go Quickly!
(This is not applicable for those on the baby plan, sorry!)

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