Something For Parents of Toddlers

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The best part of my job is that I can do what I love – and work from home when editing photo sessions, etc.

My kids were having dinner one night recently and we decided to make some fondue for them (they are such sophisticated eaters – the most adventurous they get is chicken nuggets or on a big night, ravioli with sauce…. I think they take after David) Anyway – our oldest wasn’t really eating much of his dinner and when asked why, he gave a great response which I thought you’d all enjoy.

Mommy: “Why aren’t you eating your fondue…do you not like it?”
My Son: “I don’t know Mommy, I guess sometimes I fondue, and sometimes I fondon’t.

That just really cracked me up and thought if anyone needed a chuckle, I’d pass that along!
Here’s a fun shot of Josh from a while ago – I really need to take my own kids’ pictures more often. They normally run the other way screaming though.

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