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Meet Rachel, the most precious little baby girl – below is one of her newborn photos which I took about 14 months ago.
Here is Rachel a few days ago. She was recently diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), which is a very aggressive cancer in the bone marrow.

She is currently at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital receiving her first round of chemotherapy, and subsequent treatments will last over a six month period of time.

Rachel’s family is asking for your prayers and in addition, that you might consider giving blood in Rachel’s name. She has already had two tranfusions in one week and is expected to have more throughout her treatment.

If the treatments of chemotherapy do not work, Rachel Lyn will be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. We are also asking that you would think about registering to be a possible bone marrow match for Rachel, another child or an adult whose very life may be depending on it.

There is a Blood Drive coming up for Rachel and the details are below. I would ask that every single person who is reading this blog, consider coming out to the blood drive and donating blood. You could save a life. Rachel Lyn’s life. She is precious and is already showing herself to be such a fighter.

Please keep her in your prayers and spread the word about the blood drive.

Details of the blood drive:

Blood Drive & Bone Marrow Testing for Rachel
August 24th, 12:30pm till 6:30pm
H.J. Benken Florist & Greenhouse
6000 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45213
Call : 891-1040 to reserve one of 50 spots OR
call the Hoxworth Blood Center @ 558-1300
to schedule at a location near you.
Cost: H.J. Benken will pay for your Bone Marrow Testing. ($52.00 per person)

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