Update On Rachel (see "Most Important Note Ever" blog entry from a few weeks ago

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Thought I’d upate everyone on Rachel (precious baby girl who I posted about a few weeks ago) This email today came from Kathy and Mike Benken, owners of HJ Benken Florist (they have an awesome place if you ever need flowers – check ‘em out!)

A sincere Thank You to all who came on August 24th to give blood or have your bone marrow tested. The blood mobile was able to collect 55 units and we collected bone marrow samples from 140 individuals to be added to the national registry. What a success!

We have another full bus of blood donors coming again this Friday for our second blood drive. If all goes well, we should collect another 50 units of blood. We would also like to thank all those who could not give but sent in financial support. Your gift may very well someday save someone’s life. Now a note on Rachel. Rachel has finished her first round of chemotherapy and has now lost her hair. She still looks as beautiful as ever though. She continues to amaze doctors with her strength and stamina. As one doctor put it regarding her chemo treatments “We had knocked her back to the stoneage”. Even after what most adults could not handle, she marches on as if nothing is happening to her. Rachel is in a waiting stage at this point. With chemotherapy finished, we are waiting for her white blood cell count to start rising so she can go home for a week before coming back to the hospital to start round two of the chemotherapy. A big date is looming on or around September 6. At this time a bone marrow biopsy will be taken to see if there are any cancerous cells in her bone marrow. Currently she has no cancer in her free flowing blood as the chemotherapy treatments did their job. Since it’s the bone marrow that produces the blood, it’s critical that there be no more than 5% cancerous cells in her bone marrow. We are praying for good news and appreciate all your prayers and well wishes.
Again, a heart felt Thank Youfor all your support.

Sincerely, Mike and Kathy Benken and Family

The H.J. Benken TeamH.J. Benken Florist and Garden Center6000 Plainfield Rd.Cincinnati, Ohio 45213

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