"The Other Side"

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First a HUGe thank you to all of you who have called and sent cards with well-wishes. It’s been really special to receive those now that I’m out of the hospital and back home.

For those of you who are just tuning in… it was a long (really long) week. After my last post to this blog – I went BACK to the hospital for surgery (they wanted me at the ‘big’ hospital downtown, no suburb hospital for me, gosh darn-it)…. I got there at 4am which is when nobody should even be awake.

There was even a LINE at the surgery check-in spot. Who knew it was so popular. They got me all checked in in between my nausea and stuff – and then proceeded to try and get my IV started. Well, turns out I have ‘tiny and deep’ veins. Why can’t I have tiny OTHER features?? LOL.

I am stuck no fewer than 20 times (and am STILL black and blue, painfully so) and they FINALLY called in the lady who pokes INFANTS as her job. She manages to stick me the last few times until a collective sigh of relief is heard on the entire floor. Imagine. My relief was the greatest.

Then I sit in this cold dark room awaiting my turn w/ the surgeons. They come in, slap on a blue netted hospital hat (very chic, I may say) and then tell me it’s party time. They take me to the OR where they make ME shimmy from the stretcher to the operating table. Is this a trick or something to see if you’re still able to move while connected to wires?

Anyway – I finally shimmy me, myself, and I onto the newer, cleaner (?) operating table whereupon one of my “people” says, “We’re going to inject you with some valium and some ‘other stuff’ to make you get sleepy.” Before he could barely finish the sentence, I immediately saw him turn into THREE people, then the room was spinning and the next thing I knew I was out of surgery.

I learned afterwards that they took out my gall bladder and, according to the surgeon, “More gall stones than I’ve seen in anyone… ever.” Hmm. They also shared with me that they used the help of a big metal tube which got stuck down my throat (??) which is why, they said, my mouth will be ‘really sore’ for the next week or so, also. Must be an added bonus.

So… they give me ginger ale (eew yuck gross) as I ‘come to’ in the recovery room and then David got to take me home to my awaiting crew, who were MORE than happy to have me home. (The hospital scared Ari). I have huge bandages all over my belly (which is awful because I spent the last 6 months LOSING 55 pounds and now can’t even WEAR my jeans because it hurts to button them, LOL)…. so I’m down to wearing really big sweat pants and lookin’ like a slob.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who were so kind when David called to reschedule your sessions. I should be, according to these great doctors… up and running in the next week or so – better than new. If we haven’t called yet to get you rescheduled – I will be calling soon to get that done.

Your patience and understanding and support has been very kind and it is appreciated from the very bottom of my heart.

And a huge special thanks to David, the best husband in the world – he has taken care of the kids non-stop, catered to me hand and foot (which those of you who know me well, know how high-maintenance I can be HA HA HA)… and had to do all this while not out flying. Husbands like David don’t grow on trees and I know I hit the jackpot when I married him.

Ok enough sappiness. (It’s narcotic-induced, I promise) Thanks to you all and now you’ve all been updated.

(the final diagnosis was pancreatitis, gall bladder disease and gall stones, and liver something or other). But looks like I’m over the worst and can’t wait to get back out and SHOOOOOOOT!!!

So…This was FUN

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Here’s my advice of the week.

If you feel really REALLY bad chest pain, like the kind that makes you think you are about to buy the farm — go to the ER immediately (before you pass out while throwing up on someone you love).

Why do I know this??

I had the lovely experience of this on Friday night during the Cancer-Free Kids event which I was shooting. Good thing I had the thought to leave the event before puking on the Cincinnati Bengals who were there.

Then, don’t drive yourself to the ER at 1:30 am. It’s probably not a good idea, because you may pass out once you arrive at the ER and have someone tell you that you were about 5 seconds away from having the Heimlich performed on you because you were choking on your own… well, you can picture it. I won’t bore you with details.

Three and a half days later – I’m back home with a gall-bladder-ectomy (this is not the technical term for it) and pancreas-ectomy (again not proper terminology but hey I’m not Mr. Medical Webster) on the horizon.

I’ll be back in full swing as soon as you can say “Cut-My-Gall-Bladder-Out-Of-Me” and will be shooting again in a few days after this surgery. Turns out my liver numbers (never knew my liver was even NEAR my gall bladder, let alone in the same area code).. are really high indicating some type of problem there, too. Kind of like a 2-for-1 special I guess.

So – those of you who were worried about why there were no new blog entries… this is why. They don’t recommend blogging while under the influence of morphine (which by the way is some really good stuff!)

Stick with me – I’ll be back up and running in no time, with no gall bladder, which I’m thinking will propel me ahead in my weight loss by another pound or two since between Friday and today, all they let me eat was intraveneous saline, which isn’t very tasty, I might say. Salty, yes, but filling? No.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


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Meet Emma! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of photographing this cutie for a long time now! She is a complete and total JOY to photograph – her mom shares my love of boutique clothing (ok, an obsession really, for me)… and Emma is always willing to put up with us as we change her outfit 40 times during every photo session!

Emma was at one of the mini-sessions — and of course she didn’t disappoint, with a big suitcase of beautiful clothing! Here’s the last outfit we photographed her in (if I remember correctly)….

So – here’s Emma!!!! Big thanks to Emma’s mom for being extra fun to work with!!!

Lots of Stuff!

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It’s busy-season time here at Priceless Reflections!

We’re busy with the preschool photos – as well as the big 2-day fall event from last weekend! Here are just a few favorites, so far, from the event – I’m not done proofing the rest of the photos yet – but I’m working into the weeeeee hours of each morning to get ‘em all done! (So, if you don’t see your photo here, don’t fret – I’m still workin’ on a lot of photos!).

Check Us Out!

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Very excited to announce
“Priceless” photos currently on display at
“LookOut Joe’s” Coffee Shop
in Mount Lookout Square

The address is 3181 Linwood Avenue in case you’re in the area and need some cawfee. (They have yummy goodies, too, not that I’d know what with being on Jenny Craig and all…. wink wink)

A super-big-humungo-thanks to the
staff at Lookout Joe’s for being so
*awesome* to work with!

Here We Go….

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Here’s Cooper! Could he be any cuter?? He was one of the many who had his photo done during the Fall Event.. He has the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen on a boy – ever! Beautiful crystal clear blue eyes! And girls would kill for those lashes, too!



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Had to share this one, too!

One More…

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Huge thanks to Dan, who made her smile for me. Dan, if you ever need a new job — call me! :-)

This One Has a Title

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I call this one:
“An Act Of G-d”
Unbelievable – every time we photograph these guys, they sit and smile – they look at me – they help each other — Nikki and Greg are doing something VERY right with these kids – whatever it is, I wish they’d share it with me so I can try some on my own rugrats. :-)

Anyway – I loved this shot of all 6 kids. I hope you love it too Nikki!
(PS) If you click on the photo I think it enlarges on a new screen, I just found that out… who knew?!)


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Here’s…. Alex!

This one’s for you, Nikki! There are TONS more with him smiling, etc., but this one I thought his face was too, too cute.

Alex has five older brothers and sisters – ALL of whom are so well-behaved. I’ve never imagined kids their ages, in a big group like this, could be so well behaved– but each time we get together to photograph the family — yep, you guessed it – total cooperation.

I told Nikki (the super-mom of all the kids) that she has to come to MY family photo session and keep my own kids in line. :-)

For now, here’s Alex – a group shot will follow soon!!!