Catching Up

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I can say this with confidence:
when your computer suffers from a TROJAN VIRUS…
it certainly makes life interesting (and tense) for a few days.

I’m FINALLY getting back online, getting to proof out all the sessions I’ve done since my last post!

A few of you die-hard blog readers have also been emailing (and harrassing me, in a loving way) to be more “personal” and post more fun stuff on the blog.

So — let’s see. Fun stuff.

I’ve officially lost now about 50.2 pounds (can’t forget that .2) in the last 21 weeks (long live Jenny Craig!)… and THAT is fun. (Plus I gave away all my “fat” clothes which was liberating!)

My dog Jack has a new best friend, Maggie (the ugliest smushed-up Bulldog face you can imagine… but that makes her cute, I think)…. (photos will follow, when I have some down time, maybe in January)

My husband still loves flying for Southwest (but don’t tell anyone – I’m personally disappointed because they don’t have first class) According to him, “It’s ALL first class.” Um, no. Tell me that when I’m squished between two people who aren’t friendly. But in all seriousness, it’s a great airline and we’re beyond thrilled to be there.

How’s THAT for fun stuff?

Back to business. Here’s a shot which I love. This little guy has the most beautiful eyes!!! From a few days ago ….

More to follow if I don’t go cross-eyed in the next day or two from all this photo proofing. :-) And shooting, and more proofing, etc….

Life is Good! Go Hug Someone You Love!

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