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I walked into a Hallmark store today and saw a huge Christmas display. Is it that time already?? I was suddenly filled with thoughts of sugar plums and Santa Claus.

So… I decided that now is a good time for a …

“Silent Special”
(meaning I’m not telling anyone about this – you have to read the blog in order to know about it!)

Book your fall or holiday photo session for Early November (because at this point I think I’ve squeezed just about every last drop I can out of October to get me 4 hours of sleep per night!!!)….. and receive a…

FREE FREE FREE 11×14 with your photo order.


Because I have the best clients in the world.

You guys read my blog, you email me and tell me I’m boring (well, let’s face it, I kind of am boring, LOL)… and my very best new ideas and suggestions come from

(Group Hug)

So — book your session in November and take advantage of the ho-ho-ho holiday spirit.

Sessions must be booked by 10/28 in order to qualify, so get to dialin’ !!!

For those of you who don’t have me on speed-dial:
Operators Are Standing By
(well, ok, not really…but if I’m in the office, I promise to answer the phone!)

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