The Blog Is Back!

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Finally, I have figured out (I hope?) how to update my new blog here! It is hard being technologically impaired.

Here is a gorgeous baby girl from this morning’s session. So awake, happy, and gorgeous!


You Know It’s A Great Session When…

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The very first photo I opened was this one. Huge thanks to Laura who endured the freeeeezing cold temps this morning and never once flinched!

What a fun session! Here’s one I just loved.

I’m back!

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It’s GOOOOOD to be back in the land of the living!

First a huge THANK YOU to everyone who called and sent cards with such warm wishes… it was great getting them and I really appreciate it.

Here are a few shots from 2 recent sessions.

First is this precious little baby, whose daddy had to ship out to sea (he’s in the Navy) just a few days after she was born. Such a sweet, sweet family and gorgeous little baby girl. An honor to photograph these guys and a huge THANK YOU to Josh (the daddy) for his service to our country. It’s a huge sacrifice and one that is much appreciated.

Next here are three beautiful, and WELL BEHAVED kids, who braved the freezing cold morning a few days ago to have their photo session. I’ve been so fortunate to photograph some of the most well-behaved kids of all time!!! These guys were freezing, but took their coats off and smiled for me none-the-less. I know they were thrilled when they finally got back in their warm car when it was all done – but by the pics I will be showing – you’d never know they were even uncomfortable.

More pics will soon follow – as will the November ‘07 newsletter. If you’d like to be added to the newsletter mailing list, please send an email asking to be added, to