A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

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One of the things I absolutely LOVE about being a photographer is the wide variety of things / people / events I get to photograph.  I was contacted to this session for an upcoming book, and was a little nervous, in all honesty – because I’m not very “tough” and I really don’t like seeing blood and guts and things.  :-)  So … when I was contacted to to this session – I was nervous, but excited at the same time.  Here are a few things I learned, or if I already knew them, things that really hit home with me:

Cops really DO like Dunkin’ Donuts  :-)

It is a very dangerous job. These guys go to work and realize that maybe, they may not come home if they find themselves on a dangerous call, etc.

People see cops coming and are afraid (ok, so that statement includes me. NOBODY likes to see those flashing lights pull up behind them.  But it’s more fun when you’re IN the cop car and not in FRONT ha ha.

Guns are scary.  I know the whole “guns don’t kill people – PEOPLE kill people” argument that goes on all the time – but when you’re starin’ down the barrel of a shotgun, it is just plain scary (but I did want the shot, so I bucked up, inhaled deeply,said a quick prayer, and took the shot, and then was happy it took only one time to get the shot I was wanting to get.


The guys deal with death every day. I witnessed a call where an elderly gentleman collapsed from a stroke while getting his oil changed.  We were the first responders on that.  It was hard to watch.  Then we witnessed another elderly gentleman who had gone into diabetic shock, only to be found slumped over his steering wheel in his own driveway.  Again the first responders to that.

Along those same lines – they are the first responders on suicide calls too.  We had one the day I rode along.  It was really scary.  There are people out there who have reached desperation – and in a very last moment attempt for help, they may call 911.  We responded to a call of a person who was very much in that “almost at the end” situation.  These officers have to deal with people in an emotionally healthy way – trying to get them help, while at the same time making sure that they can protect themselves, if the suicidal person goes “postal” (that’s not a technical term, just as a disclaimer, LOL).  They have to be aware of every single detail of every situation in order to keep themselves safe, and the surrounding people as well.  (They wear bullet-proof vests all the time, I never knew that).   

Strangers are kind.  In both of the above incidents, employees, neighbors, were amongst the first to reach out and offer to do anything in their power to help out.  Often times in this world we go about our daily lives thinking that most people are mean (thus those bumper stickers, “mean people suck” etc… ) But in all honesty – a day with this officer kind of renewed my faith in the general public.  There are so many good, good people out there willing to stop and help if they think help is needed.  And they do it not for recognition, but because they simply want to help.  That was heart-warming.

These guys do a TON of paperwork.  They may have a 9-5 shift, but if they get called on a job at 4:30pm, they can’t just leave at 5pm and hand over the paperwork to the next shift. THey have to stay ’til it’s done, and sometimes that can be hours upon hours.

Handcuffs aren’t very comfortable … I got to try some on “for fun” and was pretty happy when they came off. They are really heavy.

There’s no “quota” they have to fill in terms of how many tickets they’re supposed to give. I had thought this my entire life and always avoided speeding on the last day of every month in order to avoid being one of those unlucky ones picked so they can fill their “quota.” There is no quota.  Go figure.

Identify theft happens every.single.day. in places you’d never expect.  I won’t say more on that only to say I was truly shocked at what I saw just in one single day.

These guys are some of the hardest working guys I’ve seen.  Even though they may appear to drive around looking for donuts – they really aren’t doing that. They are watching our neighborhoods, our streets, our children, and helping to do just what their badge says (or at least I *think* it says that there, maybe it’s on the car….) “Serve and Protect”  … I for one was honored to spend a day with this officer and will be forever grateful now that I know how much they do for our world.

Enough mushy sentiment – here are a few of my favorite shots. 

(that’s the shot above that was the scariest for me)

One other thing I learned – when a cop pulls up behind you at a traffic light or wherever, they can run your plates.  Just randomly.  And so if you have an expired plate – outstanding warrant – or some other issue – they can just randomly find you!  I never knew that.  
So there you have a few of the 800 shots we took in just one shift.  It was truly an eye opening experience and I’d like to personally thank this particular officer, as well as the Miami Twp Police Department for having me come out to do this job.  I learned so much and enjoyed (almost) every moment.  :-) 


Beautiful Lily

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Here’s Lily!  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her for the last year – and she did GREAT at her most recent photo session.  Here are a few I really loved.  Her smile is contagious!


and one more:

Mason High School Class of ‘09

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I’ve had the pleasure of photographing tons of Mason seniors so far this season – here is another one of my favorites.  This session was a blast – he was so comfortable with the camera – willing to do anything – and we had a great location, as well!  Here are a few of my faves!


Sweet Baby Boy

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Now that I’m ‘almost’ back up and running with the computer – here’s the first of many previews which should follow.  This little guy was ALL SMILES and was a pleasure to photograph!!

Stay tuned…more to follow once the 153,000 photos are finished transferring to my new Mac.  I swear on the Computer Gods – I never want to go thru another computer death. It has nearly killed me. :-)

ALMOST back up and running…

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Those of you who’ve had recent shoots know the deal. My computer (an HP) died.  Totally. and. completely. dead.  So it’s at the shop.  My NEW Mac-Pro computer is ALMOST up and running now – as currently we’re working to restore all of the backed up photo files to the new hard drive, so work can begin once again.


Those of you who are sooooo patiently awaiting previews – hang tight! I’m almost there.  I have to re-learn Photoshop on a Mac, which I didn’t THINK would be a big deal – but well…. it’s going more slowly than I’d care to admit…. 


So hang on – previews will come shortly… for the moment there may not be slideshow previews because the software that I use for my (old and dead) PC is not capable of working on my MAC… so in the interim, there will be no slideshows …. but once we get 100% back up and running – I do expect them to resume as I will find new software.


Thanks again for your patience….. slowly but surely getting back up to speed. It’s been a LONG few weeks here.

Oh! Those Baby Blues!

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I can’t help but share this shot of this gorgeous boy and his ooh-soooo-baby-blues!  I thoroughly enjoyed this session – and can’t wait to share the rest of the shots!

For now – enjoy these gorgeous baby blues!

Photographer Kid’s Syndrome

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Some of you may have heard of this… others not. It’s called “Photographer Kid’s Syndrome” and all four of my little ones have it… it’s a RARE day that they actually let me put them on a backdrop and take their photos.  Well, yesterday, Kahn Princess Number One (of two Kahn Princesses) requested a mini-shoot.  Who am I to say no?? So we got a few shots of her then the 2nd Kahn Princess demanded in on the action.  Several of you have asked in the past if I’d share some of my OWN shots of my kids … so here are a few from yesterday.  They’re a fluke. Normally my kids run away from the camera!

Next, I’m happy to introduce LAUREN!!! She’s been our summer babysitter and we love her so much! Lauren is incredibly smart (social work major at Miami U) and was in Argentina the first part of the summer, doing missionary work.  She’s so cute – so I had to get her in on the action too.  This next picture is how a “TYPICAL” photo shoot would go with my own children. :-)

And here’s beautiful Lauren:


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Just wanted to give you all an update with open weekend appointments. This is the time of year that the weekends book up quickly. I only have several Saturday sessions still open from now until Christmas.  These sessions are often the first to go, and some weekends are completely full already.

If you are able to schedule a weekday session (daytime or evening), just let me know and we can schedule those, too. I do have a some weekdays left for September, and now booking into October and November for regular weekday sessions.

**If you have friends that you know may want to book, please forward this email so they are aware of my schedule. I know some people are only available on weekends, and I want to give them the heads up. Last year I had to turn several people away.  I’m trying to avoid that this year by planning ahead and making people aware.

Thank You!

Here are the open weekend dates and times:

Saturday September 20th – Noon Session Available
Saturday October 4th – 9:30am session available, 6:30pm session available
Saturday October 18th – 9:30am session available, 4pm session available
Sunday, November 9th – 9am session available, 4pm session available
Saturday November 15th – 9am session available
Sunday November 16th – 4pm session available
Saturday November 22nd – 9:30am session available, 4pm session available
Saturday December 6 – 4pm session available


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And here’s Will!

He cannot be any more handsome!!!!

Gorgeous Eyes!

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I’ve  had the great pleasure of knowing and photographing this little girl and her family for lots of years now – as long as I’ve been in Cincinnati – and have to say – yesterday’s session w/ all 3 kids was AMAZING!!!  The girls (and Will, too) have grown up into such beautiful children… hard to believe I photographed them as teensy tiny babies!

Here’s the first of a few shares I’m sure I’ll put up — I can’t resist little miss O and her amazingly blue eyes!