ALMOST back up and running…

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Those of you who’ve had recent shoots know the deal. My computer (an HP) died.  Totally. and. completely. dead.  So it’s at the shop.  My NEW Mac-Pro computer is ALMOST up and running now – as currently we’re working to restore all of the backed up photo files to the new hard drive, so work can begin once again.


Those of you who are sooooo patiently awaiting previews – hang tight! I’m almost there.  I have to re-learn Photoshop on a Mac, which I didn’t THINK would be a big deal – but well…. it’s going more slowly than I’d care to admit…. 


So hang on – previews will come shortly… for the moment there may not be slideshow previews because the software that I use for my (old and dead) PC is not capable of working on my MAC… so in the interim, there will be no slideshows …. but once we get 100% back up and running – I do expect them to resume as I will find new software.


Thanks again for your patience….. slowly but surely getting back up to speed. It’s been a LONG few weeks here.

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