Photographer Kid’s Syndrome

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Some of you may have heard of this… others not. It’s called “Photographer Kid’s Syndrome” and all four of my little ones have it… it’s a RARE day that they actually let me put them on a backdrop and take their photos.  Well, yesterday, Kahn Princess Number One (of two Kahn Princesses) requested a mini-shoot.  Who am I to say no?? So we got a few shots of her then the 2nd Kahn Princess demanded in on the action.  Several of you have asked in the past if I’d share some of my OWN shots of my kids … so here are a few from yesterday.  They’re a fluke. Normally my kids run away from the camera!

Next, I’m happy to introduce LAUREN!!! She’s been our summer babysitter and we love her so much! Lauren is incredibly smart (social work major at Miami U) and was in Argentina the first part of the summer, doing missionary work.  She’s so cute – so I had to get her in on the action too.  This next picture is how a “TYPICAL” photo shoot would go with my own children. :-)

And here’s beautiful Lauren:


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