Santa Baby… and more

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This family holds a special place in my heart – I’ve been photographing them since my youngest was just born… and have watched their family grow from one gorgeous baby girl to one gorgeous toddler girl and her adorable baby brother!

Here are a few previews from their most recent shoot – I couldn’t resist putting the santa hat on the baby… he was too cute!

I thought this was a great quote

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I have to always laugh when moms and other clients tell me how much they enjoy the photographs I do – and then say that it seems to be done so effortlessly.  Those of you who have had a recent session (fussy newborns are a great example)…. now see how much work can be put into a 4-hour long session!  I saw this quote somewhere today and it made me think of a lot of the comments I’ve heard lately about the fact that when you LOOK at the photos – you’d never realize it took 3 hours of a crying baby to get the baby to sleep and look so peaceful, etc…. So this quote was really perfect for that:


One must struggle so that one’s work, while full of labour and sweat, appears to have been done quickly and almost without any labour, and very easily, although it was not. 


Back to your regularly scheduled programming now.  :-)

And some more previews…

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As promised… here is a peek at what I’ve been up to – lots of cute babies – adorable siblings — even some cute doggies!  With the holiday season well under-way…. remember to sit back and take a second to be thankful for everything you have – health, food on the table, wonderful family, etc.


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Sometimes you meet people by chance, and are happy that your paths crossed!  This family is no exception – met them very much “by chance” and had some fun doing their family photos – their little dog, Cincy, was awesome.  I’ve shot lots of dogs this season but little Cincy did so well, she really sticks out in my mind because she was ready for every shot! 

I’ll have lots more previews of recent sessions coming up soon – it’s been crazy-busy here!! Trying hard to get everyone’s cards designed, sent off for print, etc… so bear with me as I work to catch up on the blog!

Beautiful Children!

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I love shooting little babies – and when they are this cute! Oooh the fun!  And look at Mr. Big Brother – he did great lovin’ on his baby sister!  A beautiful family — here are a few previews:

Beach Session – Los Angeles

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Finally done proofing this family’s beach session from a few weeks ago while I was in Los Angeles. This time of year I wish we had such gorgeous weather (well, ok, and a beach, too!) here in Cincinnati…but since we don’t, here’s some shots for everyone to enjoy and remind us of warmer places!

Thanks for looking!

For those of you who don’t already know — Priceless Reflections is able to travel to YOUR destination of choice for your family photos.  At least once a year we travel to Los Angeles for sessions such as the one above – to Miami, Chicago, and the Philadelphia/Baltimore area.  If you or someone you know would like to schedule one of our ‘location sessions’ – please call the office at 513.336.0290.

Tis The Season!

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Well… tis the season of craziness!  I’ve been shooting almost non-stop since I’ve returned from the trip…and wanted to share a few various previews for everyone! 

In no particular order…here are a few from recent sessions!  Some in Sharon Woods (Heritage Village)… some downtown, some on-location, etc…. 

Happy, Happy Baby!

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What a pleasure it was to meet this happy girl, and her parents, too!  Here are a few previews from this recent session down in Anderson.

Regarding the photo below – these great people were a referral from another client, whose daughter I’ve had the pleasure of photographing now for about a year, more or less.  We have always gotten some awesome “carpet” shots of their daughter – so imagine my joy when I walked into baby R’s room and saw this amazing carpet!! I knew we had to have a few shots on it….  


And here’s one of Daddy and Baby R.  What I loved about this dad is that he was so into his baby!  She responded so well to his coo’ing and his voice, it was really neat to see.


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I think the title of this one says it all :-)

The Eyes Have It…

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Another one I shot in Los Angeles during the sessions there…. This little guy is gorgeous – - those eyelashes are amazing!