By Popular Demand…

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Thank you to all of you who called to see how the trip was and if I’d be posting photos – by popular demand (LOL!) I am posting a few here. I have over 2,000 final images to go thru and have to put client photos first, obviously – but here are a few to tide y’all hard-core blog junkies over til I can get to the rest:


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean:

Cabo San Lucas at Sunrise:

The Famous “Arch” at Lover’s Beach in Cabo San Lucas
 Street Scene in Pta. Vallarta

 Norwegian Star Cruise Ship docked for the night:

 Open Window to Home (it was 95`+ in the sun!)

 Guitar cast aside in an alley (it struck me as odd that someone would have left it there, but it sure did make a cool photo!)

 MazatlanHopefully this will keep everyone happy (you know who you are!!!!) until I can get a chance to look at some more and post some favorites.  

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