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I have to always laugh when moms and other clients tell me how much they enjoy the photographs I do – and then say that it seems to be done so effortlessly.  Those of you who have had a recent session (fussy newborns are a great example)…. now see how much work can be put into a 4-hour long session!  I saw this quote somewhere today and it made me think of a lot of the comments I’ve heard lately about the fact that when you LOOK at the photos – you’d never realize it took 3 hours of a crying baby to get the baby to sleep and look so peaceful, etc…. So this quote was really perfect for that:


One must struggle so that one’s work, while full of labour and sweat, appears to have been done quickly and almost without any labour, and very easily, although it was not. 


Back to your regularly scheduled programming now.  :-)

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