And The Winner Is…..

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First I want to say THANK YOU to all 42 of you who emailed entries for the “Giving Back” contest (of sorts) that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  The stories y’all sent in were really hard to read, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to nominate someone they felt deserved the photos.

I couldn’t decide on the winner – plain and simple.  So I picked my top TWO choices instead – I thought both people were equally as deserving and there was no way I could pick one over the other.  Both of these stories tore my heart out and I figure if I can help their family even just a LITTLE BIT–then that’ll be wonderful.

So without further adieu — the nominators are: Rhonda Peischl and Jodi Prenger.  You both sent me emails which had me in tears, and I THANK YOU for thinking of your friends.

I will email both of you so that I can get phone numbers for the two families you nominated.  Here are the two stories -with names eliminated to protect the families’ privacy:

“I would like to nominate _______from Russia, Ohio. ____ is a stay-at-home mother of five and has had a recent major tragedy in her life.  While at her nephew’s wedding this past month, ____ had an extreme headache and literally fell to her knees in pain.  After being rushed to a local hospital and further careflighted to Indianapolis, what was thought to be an anurism turned to be a very rare brain condition called MoyaMoya.  I believe ____ spent over two weeks in a coma and I do not even know the extent of her condition or if there is any  long term reprocuscions.  ____ will not be able to be out of the hospital for Christmas and I heard that her husband has not left her sight.  At this point they do not even know the “next steps”.  I can’t imagine that pictures are even on any sort of list to accomplish at this point, which is why I think_____ and her husband _____ would be so worthy.  At a time of tragedy, pictures would probably be the one thing that is most important to them.  I knew of____ as a neighbor growing up and her story really tugs at my heart strings. _____ and ____ have five children ranging in age from two years to eighth grade. “:


And the second winner:

 I would like to nominate ____ and the _____ family for the Portrait Session. _____ is an eighth grader at Mason Middle School that was diagnosed with leukemia in October.  _____ (and her family – parents, sister & brother) has been going through so much since she was diagnosed and spend most of their time at Children’s Hospital.  _____is very photogenic (as you can see on her Leukemia blog site) and keeps a beautiful smile on her face despite all of the medical tests/problems/exams she must endure.  Their family strength is heartening and I think a family portrait would be a treasure for this family that is dealing with so much.

 So – thank you to both Jodi and Rhonda for nominating the two winning families. I will be contacting them soon to let them know.

Happy, Happy Holidays from Priceless Reflections!

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