Operation: LOVE

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Oh what a fun session this was!! Mary & David were awesome – both of them are photographers (no pressure there, right?) and chose ME to shoot their OP:LOVE session – David is deploying in a few weeks to Afghanistan…

So — we went out on a chilly morning, to downtown Cincinnati – and spent a few hours walking around, shooting.  I have a bajillion more to go thru and edit – but here are a couple that I just opened and loved and wanted to share.

Those of y’all who follow the blog and/or my site will note these aren’t really what I would call the standard “Priceless Reflections” style… and I LOVE that they are different.  Every now and then it’s great to think “out of the box” and challenge yourself to do some new stuff — which is what I did with this shoot – stay tuned for more previews – cuz this couple was HOT HOT HOT and was rockin’ the camera!

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