Today’s mission: 3 under 4 [Sharonville Children's Photographer]

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to photograph beautiful twin 3-year-old girls and one adorable 2-year-old boy  with their parents in Heritage Village. They want natural looking family portraits, showcasing their children’s personalities, but with everyone looking in the direction of the camera. 

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds…

Mission accomplished.


Just look at this sweetness.


And can I have an “awww…”?

The rest of your gallery will be done shortly, Darcy. I know you were thinking we didn’t get anything so you can RELAX now.  ;)

More from the MECC Fundraiser [Cincinnati Community Photographer]

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For our fundraiser, the first graders of Mrs. Lovett and Ms. Culp’s class at MECC are donating money and Priceless Reflections is photographing them. Look at these sweet, giving children. 

On Broadway [Cincinnati Child Photographer]

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Just one more to share of our Facebook Princess because no one should be able resist a little girl belting out songs from princess movies. Look at the light falling on her… absolutely gorgeous.

Someday, when I’m there for her opening on Broadway in the lead role of [whatever the coolest, hippest, most amazing show on Broadway will be in 20 years], I’ll be able to say “I’ve been photographing her since she was 2.5. Even then, we knew she was going to be a S*T*A*R!”

Sweet, sweet baby [Cincinnati Newborn Photographer]

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Yesterday brought a return visit to one of my favorite families where I got to meet their new sweet baby girl. 8 days old, over 9lbs (ouch) and just as precious as her 20-month-old big brother. Since we were in their home, we got use their furniture and accessories, making the portraits even more special. Look at those bright eyes!

Of course, I couldn’t resist schlepping some stuff of my own, even if it did weigh a ton, and it was worth it.

Facebook Princess [Cincinnati child photographer]

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This princess’ mom found me through Facebook and we had so much fun together! Adorable smile, well behaved, with just the right amount of sass to put some sparkle in her eyes. See for yourself!


Isn’t she just precious? You want to say “awww….” don’t you?


Fighting Leukemia [Cincinnati Community Photographer]

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As you know, being involved in the Greater Cincinnati community is something near and dear to my heart. I firmly believe that we’re put here on earth to help each other in whatever way we can and one way I contribute is through photography. Priceless Reflections is proud to sponsor a fundraiser to help a little girl battle leukemia – here’s an image from the fundraiser to share. The antique processing seemed the perfect way to bring out her gorgeous coloring and those expressive brown eyes.

If you’d like to make a donation, please contact the studio at or 513.336.0290.

[Mason Ohio Baby Photographer] Best of…. BABIES!

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I think for sure this will be the hardest category to not go overboard with.  Some of my very FIRST sessions (ever!) were with adorable babies who were sitting up, pulling up, etc.  I think besides newborn, this is my favorite ’stage’ to photograph (before walking HA HA HA)… because they are happy, happy, happy!  I’ll dig back about 2 years or so, to see if I can find some older stuff, and mix in some newer stuff, too, for kicks.  Enjoy! 

more in a bit – I have to do some ‘real productive’ work!!

Cincinnati Baby & Newborn Photographer [Priceless Reflections] best of…newborns…

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Ok as promised, here are some favorite newborn sessions. This was a lot harder for me to go thru because as most of you  know, I do a preponderance of newborns and love them ALL for so many different reasons. The smooshable ones, the ones who pee 28x per hour… the ones who poop on me or the backdrops – and the ones that sleep thru the whole thing… I’ll show some recent and some career favorites from the last year or two…. (to dig deeper than that will take me forever as they are all archived… and I’m trying to be productive) :-)

 This one below is pretty old but I saw it recently on an old CD and resurrected it here for fun.  LOTS of crazy colors going on here!!

One of the BEST parts of doing on-location lifestyle portraiture with families and newborns is that every.single.home is different – it’s a challenge that I love and I always welcome the opportunity for this type of photo session because of the endless possibilities:

and some more recent ones….

one of the things I loved most about the session below is that this little guy slept almost the entire time, and if I remember correctly, when he was awake, he was content.  He endured his almost 3 hour session and only at the very end (ie after I shot the VERY last frame!) did he have a blow-out diaper! 

I could go on and on all night w/ the newborn images – but I wanted to share some favorite ‘baby’ images too (ie six months old, etc. where they smile and drool!!!)

More coming soon…. 

Cincinnati Maternity Photographer [Priceless Reflections Mason Ohio] Best Of…

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Lately, I’ve had several of you guys ask me what shoots stand out as “favorites”… I was thinking about that today while working on some recent photos – and was trying to remember back thru my career as a photographer, a few sessions that really stood out for whatever reason.  The neat thing is – I don’t think of your sessions as just photos – I think of them as an extension of you (my clients!)… and one of the things I love MOST about my job as your photographer is getting to meet everyone and really getting to KNOW people.  In order for some of my  maternity clients to ‘bare all’ … there has to be some sense of comfort and trust in a session, and I keep going back to feeling so grateful that you all put your TRUST in me to capture your bellies, your babies, your life’s most precious moments… 

So — I can’t pick a favorite “session” so to speak – but I can think of a few favorite images (well, ok, a little more than a “few” and share some of those with you guys, at your request) :-)  Without further adieu… some of MY favorite photos from some archived sessions (I can’t go thru ALL of my sessions, so these are some from the last year or two… otherwise I’d spend all night reminiscing… ) 


I’ll do this in separate postings – so here are my ‘best of’ maternity sessions – MY own PERSONAL favorites…

Time to make dinner for the kids – I’ll be back some with some “best of” for newborns, babies, etc…

More Previews…

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As always, things are “hopping” (ha ha get it? Easter… bunny…hopping?) Ok sorry.  Anyway, things are hopping here as we are well into the ‘busy-season’ … which won’t end til Dec 26th!!

Just a few more previews of what I’ve been up to lately, some family shoots, some adorable kid shoots – a little bit of everything.  

The MOTHER’S DAY MINI-SESSIONS are completely booked with a (growing) wait-list.  If you’d like your name added to the list, please let me know asap.