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Ok as promised, here are some favorite newborn sessions. This was a lot harder for me to go thru because as most of you  know, I do a preponderance of newborns and love them ALL for so many different reasons. The smooshable ones, the ones who pee 28x per hour… the ones who poop on me or the backdrops – and the ones that sleep thru the whole thing… I’ll show some recent and some career favorites from the last year or two…. (to dig deeper than that will take me forever as they are all archived… and I’m trying to be productive) :-)

 This one below is pretty old but I saw it recently on an old CD and resurrected it here for fun.  LOTS of crazy colors going on here!!

One of the BEST parts of doing on-location lifestyle portraiture with families and newborns is that every.single.home is different – it’s a challenge that I love and I always welcome the opportunity for this type of photo session because of the endless possibilities:

and some more recent ones….

one of the things I loved most about the session below is that this little guy slept almost the entire time, and if I remember correctly, when he was awake, he was content.  He endured his almost 3 hour session and only at the very end (ie after I shot the VERY last frame!) did he have a blow-out diaper! 

I could go on and on all night w/ the newborn images – but I wanted to share some favorite ‘baby’ images too (ie six months old, etc. where they smile and drool!!!)

More coming soon…. 

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