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Hello loyal blog readers (and y’all know who you are!)  You’ve long asked me for  some “good” photos of my own children, to prove it can be done, LOL!! So the other night, I was feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps (hey it happens to everyone, right? I figured it was time to pick up the camera or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.. so I chose the camera for once, ha ha).  So I told each of my four children to PICK THEIR OWN OUTFIT (gasp, shock, choke!)  My oldest son chose his typical every-day clothing.  My 2nd son chose a “nice” button-down shirt w/ a collar, and some jeans.  My 3rd chose an outfit which she wears all the time – one that’s comfy and that she loves – and my 4th chose her FAVORITE tie-dye dress. She wears this dress almost daily, whether we have time to wash it or not (I know, I know, bad mommy…but sometimes it’s just not worth the fight, and does the lifeguard at the pool REALLY care if her dress was worn for 4 hours y’day? No, she doesn’t)

So I didn’t pose my children, per se – I just asked them to have some fun with each other.  And here’s what I got:

This first one is of Josh and Ari, and our spaz-puppy Jake.  He’s a wild-dog, thus the ’shocker-collar’ around his neck.  Rest assured, we normally don’t shock him, we just “tone” him and that seems to be enough… except when he’s really excited and eating someone’s shoes…. which he does a lot…. 0045In our home, we call the boys’ Brothers for Life’ and this has always stuck — so when they are playing around and goofing off like this,  often-times they will chant “Brothers for Life!” or something like that…. I saw it on Super-Nanny once (the Brothers for Life phrase) … and I loved it – so I borrowed it. :-) And it stuck…

This is Smushie… she’s effervescent and has me completely wrapped around her fingers.. …. and her crazy hair….0094This is Ari … just walkin’ down the slide….. 01620171And then there’s the “J Team” (Joshua and Jillian)… in our home we do things in teams – so each kid has a ‘buddy’ (I learned this from those crazy Duggar parents).  So the younger J (Jillian) has an older J (Joshua) as her “buddy” – and when we get ready to leave the house, etc… the older team member has to help their younger team member… so here I asked for a “J Team” photo…0173And of course my beautiful princess Jillian…. she’s the sweetest of the Kahn kids, and goes thru life at 1000%…0235Another “J Team” Moment…0191Jillian laughing……0227And swinging….9695And here’s my handsome little Ari….. 9727Just like we have “Brothers for Life”… we also have “Sisters for Life” … which is sometimes harder to achieve (the harmony, I mean…. ) but there are those fleeting moments when they actually DO love each other….. and play well together… and this night I was lucky enough to capture that….
9759Handsome Ari…9775Ari and Josh “monkeying around”….9778Jillian is always willing to pose for me… I love that about her, LOL!!!9795And here’s the “A Team” — Ari and Alana…. they are truly soul-mates.  They have a relationship that is so special amongst them…. it warms my heart all the time when I see them together…9820Alana, on the ladder. Notice the set of hands at the bottom right.  Those are Ari’s…. he wanted to make sure she wouldn’t fall…..9839Typical Kahn Kid behavior….9905The A team again….9938And the J team again…9960So…. thanks for looking at my kids’ photos…. now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

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