Secrets about Melissa [Cincinnati Family Photographer]

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So judging by the email response, apparently you like learning my deep dark secrets… or at least where to get good ice cream! Here’s another food-related secret and a local treasure to match: I don’t cook. Ick, gross, blech, phooey. So when the kidlets are hungry and the pantry is empty and Mama needs to get a meal on the table (preferably someone else’s table) we head for Colors Cafe in Mason for some “Good Eats and Sweet Treats”.

Locally owned/operated by a cool husband and wife team, Colors Cafe features delicious homemade food (and ice cream!) served by friendly people in a kid-welcoming environment. Since I have 4 kids, this is a must!! Nothing like looking forward to dinner and being sneered at when you walk in the door with little people. It ain’t gonna happen at Colors Cafe, peeps.

Take a look at their menu here: Colors Cafe Menu Even UrbanSpoon gives ‘em a big snuggle for food and service: Review and Metromix Cincinnati lists them as well: Listing

See more of Phoenix Photographer Melissa Kahn’s work at Priceless Reflections.


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