Some Awesomely Cool Peeps [Cincinnati Family Photographer]

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Laura and I have been friends since I moved here to Cincinnati, back in ‘01… when her middle son was just a baby…. and my 2nd son was about the same age… and now they are 7, going on 14… and we’ve since had more kids, etc…. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting this family for so many years, and have watched these kids grow into really COOOOOL kids.

We had the joy of shooting this session in the HEAT of the day – it must have been 200` in the shade (I exaggerate just slightly here)…. and by the time we were done shooting, I think we were all soaked from head to toe and in need of a shower….. but…. we did get some FUN photos…..

And before I share… a big shout-out to Laura’s husband, Mark……. Mark is a local hero.  He served in Iraq for at least a year… (maybe longer? I can’t remember…..but I bet Laura does…)… and was away from his beautiful children.  I remember he didn’t get home from his deployment until March… and Laura had left the family Christmas tree up so they could celebrate….. not sure why that has stuck in my mind all these years….but it has… and I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell Laura how much her friendship means to me, and to tell Mark THANK YOU for his service to our country…. just some way-cool-peeps!

Without further blubbering from me… here are a few of their pics from their most recent session…..


when good family portraits go bad... LOL..... bunny ears abound!

when good family portraits go bad... LOL..... bunny ears abound!

This last one makes me laugh — I had asked them to sit close to each other for a shot — and the boys immediately go into “bunny ears” mode with their little sister…. it happens all.the.time and I think it’s so cute…so of course I had to snap one…..

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