Double Scoop [Sharon Woods Baby Photographer]

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I want to eat them up – on a cone, in a cup, with a spoon, or just take a big CHOMP! Sprinkles and chocolate syrup are optional.  :)


Caleb & Campbell – one year old – and full of energy, life, hope, grins, and that joie de vivre that every little person should have. After all, the world is theirs and they know it! Just look at those big blue eyes and adorable blond hair. Mom Casey doesn’t stand a chance against those sweet faces, does she?



Casey is the most inspirational woman I know. Not only is she a truly FABULOUSAMUNDO mama to these little tykes, but she’s been through a lot of… let’s just say *stuff*… and never lets the crud in life take away her positive attitude and search for beauty and fun and happiness. She loves life, has an amazing family and support system, and is just one of those good people that makes your life better for knowing her. These guys are the lucky ones to grow up with Casey as a role model.



And she’s pretty darn lucky to have these guys too. Then again, sometimes I bet she’s just tired ’cause they wore me out, LOL! Thanks for making my day, (C)3. You were so much fun… and maybe I’ll just have to make it a TRIPLE SCOOP of CaseyCampbellCaleb Crunch! Would you pass me that chocolate-dipped waffle cone, please?

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