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Yay for the Kauffeld Family! They were the Priceless Reflections by Melissa Fresh Faces | Cincinnati Grand Prize Winner!  We shot their session in Middleton back-to-back with the family they gifted with their prize session and it was full of laughs, squealing kids, and way too much fun for an afternoon.

Adorable dimpled cowgirl …


Good looking cowpokes … maybe a hint of senior portraits yet to come?




I can’t leave my Ohio peeps out of a contest so let’s do something a little… different. Send me your favorite FUNNY FACE snapshots. The ones you’re going to embarrass little Tommy with at his high school graduation, the one of your husband singing into a brush in the bathroom mirror, kids sticking their tongues out at the camera, you get the idea. The winner gets a session with moi and one to gift to a friend as well.   Same details as the PHX Kahn-test (details here in the blog)… the deadline for submitting images is TUESDAY JUNE 15th .  Send the images to Melissa with the subject line: FUNNY FACE …. images will be posted on the blog for Joe Q Public to vote on… and the winner receives a FREE FREE FREEEEE session with ME ME MEEEE during my next Ohio trip (9/30-10/7).  So let’s see those funny faces!

See more of Phoenix Photographer Melissa Kahn’s work at Priceless Reflections.

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