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What could be better than shooting a beautiful model?  Doing it in downtown Chicago, just after a great thunderstorm! (hey, here in Phoenix, we don’t really GET thunderstorms, so having one before our session was an added bonus…..)

Have I mentioned how much I *LOVE* my job?  Flew to Chicago a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to work with Emma.    Sometimes it’s refreshing to photograph grown-ups…. they sit where you tell them to sit (BONUS!) they don’t need to be bribed with lollipops (well, heck, I do love lollipops…so let’s strike that one from the record)… and there’s no crying and throwing fits when you request an outfit change!

Without further adieu…meet Emma!   She was a great sport… the humidity level during our session must have been 99%… and the temps about 95` as well.  But she stayed cool as a cucumber!





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