More Previews…

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As always, things are “hopping” (ha ha get it? Easter… bunny…hopping?) Ok sorry.  Anyway, things are hopping here as we are well into the ‘busy-season’ … which won’t end til Dec 26th!!

Just a few more previews of what I’ve been up to lately, some family shoots, some adorable kid shoots – a little bit of everything.  

The MOTHER’S DAY MINI-SESSIONS are completely booked with a (growing) wait-list.  If you’d like your name added to the list, please let me know asap.

Double The Fun (again!)

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Something must be in the air…. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting so many twins lately!  Below are a few previews from this morning’s marathon 3 hour session… I’ve never seen babies who were this content (ever – not even my own! LOL)  These little ladies were happy no matter where we put them, what we did with them….. a photographer’s dream come true!  Just a few previews for now – as I’m not quite up to this session in editing-order…