Some More Cincinnati Previews….|Phoenix Photo Studio|

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You guys have been so patient and I **so** appreciate it!  I’m working feverishly (still!) to get all the sessions from Cincinnati previewed and proofed !  There were SO many gorgeous kids, families, babies, seniors, etc…. here’s a small sampling of what I’ve got previewed so far… more to come, I promise, I promise!  :-)











Sponsler5798webSee!  I really wasn’t kidding – so many beautiful clients! More to come… soon… I promise!

See more of Phoenix Photographer Melissa Kahn’s work at Priceless Reflections.

Beautiful Baby Reese [Cincinnati Child Photographer]

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Reese has been coming to Priceless Reflections by Melissa since she was a wee thing (2-3 months old) and now she’s a big girl, all giggly and full of smiles with the sunniest personality even on a hot hot hot day like today.


Mom and Dad are so awesomely sweet and cool, totally head-over-heels in love with Reese. She grins and they just melt. Nope, this little cutie pie isn’t spoiled at all, no way!


A shady spot at the park turned into a storybook-worthy moment. She looks like a little princess with the columns of the castle around her, the sweet expression, her little smile, and the adorable dress Mom chose.


And finally, how could this not make you smile?


And this:


See more of Phoenix Photographer Melissa Kahn’s work at Priceless Reflections.

Fashionista Friday [Cincinnati Family Photographer]

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Absolutely perfect for urban, park, woods, garden, home… you name it, these outfits from The Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic have you covered! There are enough options here to suit any family and you can switch tops and bottoms for different fun looks and keep everyone coordinated. Am I amazing or what? [don't answer, that's a rhetorical question]  :)