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What could be better than shooting a beautiful model?  Doing it in downtown Chicago, just after a great thunderstorm! (hey, here in Phoenix, we don’t really GET thunderstorms, so having one before our session was an added bonus…..)

Have I mentioned how much I *LOVE* my job?  Flew to Chicago a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to work with Emma.    Sometimes it’s refreshing to photograph grown-ups…. they sit where you tell them to sit (BONUS!) they don’t need to be bribed with lollipops (well, heck, I do love lollipops…so let’s strike that one from the record)… and there’s no crying and throwing fits when you request an outfit change!

Without further adieu…meet Emma!   She was a great sport… the humidity level during our session must have been 99%… and the temps about 95` as well.  But she stayed cool as a cucumber!





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Julz by Design | Scottsdale Headshot Photographer

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I met Julia Hagens, jewelry designer extraordinaire, in Scottsdale to create new headshots for her FABULOUS jewelry business as well as her expansion into image consulting.


Love how the red POPS and makes her eyes sparkle. Julia looks confident, sassy and on fire!


This is the competent businesswoman, friendly and approachable, but savvy.


And here’s Julia in her Southwest Splendor look – total tourism ad for Scottsdale as well as Julz by Design.

See more of Phoenix Photographer Melissa Kahn’s work at Priceless Reflections.